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Monday, August 11, 2014

Hello! I'm Back to Blog - (Craft Room Organizational Photos!)

Hello!?  Is anyone still out there?  Not sure if you all thought I jumped ship, but I can FINALLY get back to what I was doing before and sharing my crafty creations!  Yay!  I've missed posting for sure!

So what have I been doing lately that I've been gone for several months?
Well moving has kept me quite busy for sure!  We love our new home and so happy to be in it for sure!
Unfortunately, my craft room was one of the last places that was left to unpack and get settled.
Here is what it looked like before I tried to get my craft room in "working order":
Oh boy!!  Look at all those boxes!  I just kept looking at it thinking...blah!  I don't want to do this!! LOL!!

And slowly but surely, I got my wonderful hubby to help me out with some things to make my craft room look more like "home" for me!  LOL!!  He's such a fantastic person...I love him so much!
Here, as you can see, I've put up a "temporary" table on the right side so that I can have all of my craft items handy that I use most often.  Hubby is putting up some shelves in the closet and this is when I decided that the doors on the closet will have to go so that I can see everything at a glance that's in there!

Of course here's what it looked like with the doors completely off and the shelving starting to get put in! Yay!
Thanks so much hubby! :)

And of course, once the shelves were all put in, I was able to unpack some more of my boxes (still some left as you can see) and get some things somewhat organized!  I honestly didn't think it was going to take me as long as it did to sort everything out, but it was crazy!  I thought I had done so well organizing all of it, but it is a completely different set-up than what I had before and it has taken quite a while to get settled in....
here are some other organizational set-ups that I've done:

This is probably my favorite way to have my paper/card stock stored so that I can see the colors at a glance!  These plastic paper trays hold an entire pack of cardstock and then some!  (I enjoy to do some scrapbooking once in a while, so I like to have my 12x12 sheets on hand too!)

On the other side of that is a doorway and behind that I have my shoe holder for my punches still and love being able to see what punch I need at a glance.  I also kept some of my old paper file holders and mounted them on the wall for holiday scrap papers and more storage shelving for the larger punches...or because I have no more room in my shoe storage!! LOL!

And here's what the other side of my room looks like.  I don't wish to keep the table that is there on the left side where I stamp because I like to stand when I'm creating, so I still have some more cabinets and counter to put up in here, but I'm getting there!  On the right side, I have my computer area and more cabinet storage.  I've been working on some scrapbooking as you can see some of it laying out.

It is still not quite organized the way I'd like for it to be, but it works out fine for now until I finish getting what I need to get it completely organized.  Since this is entirely new, it takes me a bit longer to find things than what I was used to before, but I think it will be perfect once it's completed! :)

There is ONE particular spot in my craft room that I cannot use though!  I will just let you see a photo of why I am unable to use it:
LOL!!  My precious pup Mocca has found a special "spot" just for her in my craft room closet!!  She sort of blends in there and I don't always know she's there!!  So I may just keep this little area especially for my "stamp buddy"!! :)

We're also so excited to have a pool to swim in this summer, but of course this particular summer for us has been unseasonably cool in temperature which makes it too cold to go out and swim!  So when there is a warm day here and there, we try to get in it to enjoy!  So maybe I'll have some other fun photos in the future as my stamp room progresses a bit!

I will leave you with this for now because it is so photo heavy and I'll be back soon with a creation I made!  Looking forward to posting again and sharing some creations with you all!!  Hope all is going well with you!
Thanks for sticking around my blog!!



vic said...

Oohh I'm do jealous ha ha your craft room is just amazing and love mocca! What a star your husband is that's just lovely he's helped you out :)
Have lots of crafty fun in your gorgeous room
Vic x

Danni said...

Welcome back to blogworld!! What a great room! Can't wait to see you getting crafty and sharing your creations again!

Sue said...

Wow, girlfriend, you have been a busy bee. Your new craft room is so organized, I am so jealous, but happy for you that the move is done and your are getting craft settled!
Email me at rsdrees@verizon.net for my address. Love your pup too, mine would love to come to the stamp room, but she eats EVERYTHING!!!!


Donna said...

Wow Vicki, not jealous much! Fantastic craft space...when can I come and play? Great to see you back and so looking forward to seeing some of your gorgeous creations :) Donna ♥ x

Chrissy said...

Welcome back Vicki....what a great craftroom...so organised..I love organised.Love your wee doggie's cubbyhole...so adorable.
It's great to see you back.


Olga said...

This is fantastic!!!!! I'm green with jealousy, LOL......your dog is cute too!!!!

Christine said...

Hi Vicki so good to see you back in blogland..wow what a transformation so much organising to be done at least your mousey stamps found a new home along with your sweet Mocca.lol cant wait to see you creating again.

smiles Christine x

Glennis said...

How fabulous to have a whole room like this!

jimlynn said...

Vicki, I was sitting here drooling over your new room and all the different ways you store things and then I spied Mocca! Yikes!!!!! She just stole the show - and my heart! She looks almost exactly like our little Rambo! Precious!!!
Love your room and know you're really going to enjoy this.

Rhonda Miller said...

Yay, I'm so glad to see you back. I am just loving your craft room. I need to get a house with a space like this. I told hubby after seeing your first pic that I didn't feel so bad about the many boxes of crafty stuff I had when we moved. ;)

Your crafting buddy is so cute and seems to fit nicely in his little spot.

aileen (mum) said...

Glad to see you back and cant wait for the cards. Love your room, so well organised where you have organised. I have a room that is like a work in progress cause of its previous use.
I also have a craft companion who likes to snuggle up under some of the shelving, he's not mine. He belongs to my daughter and is a companion dog from the guide dog assoc but as she is out most days he has taken to following me around and appears to like a tight spot to relax in.

Dawn Frost said...

My craftroom will be torn apart in a couple of months and I'm looking for ideas to upgrade it! I like yours very much!

Patti said...

Wowie!! outstanding Vicki!! It is such fun to see your crafty space : ) Looks like you are going to be set for creating many more of your wonderful cards!


p.s. welcome back friend!

Jennifer said...

Vicki, I just love how you are organizing your creative space and I'm excited to see what you create from it! It's so wonderful to have a husband who is supportive of your creative avenues. I have one, and it's a treasure! Hope that it feels homy for you soon and you can enjoy it even more!
Praying you have a blessed day! :)

Pat (mspfd) said...

How fantastic that you are in your new home and loving it! What a fantastic craft space. Your husband did a fabulous job.

ribenaruby said...

Hi Vicki, I absolutely love love love your craft room, and what a brilliant hubby to do it all for you! I'll be returning soon off my break too. Good to hear from you! Ruby x

Tracey said...

Welcome back Vicki! I LOVE your craft room & I'm sure you will make lots of wonderful creations in such a fantastic space :o)

Kimberly S said...

Your room is looking fabulous! Awww....Mocca has settled right in with you. :) hugs, Kimberly

crafty-stamper said...

Great to see you back Vicki you have been missed -what a fantastic craft room and stash!!!Good luck in your new home
Carol x

Tammy said...

Oh wow Vicki, congratulations on an absolute stellar craftroom and an amazing hubby to help! Love the sweet home that Mocha found for himself! Glad you are FINALLY back, you've been missed!

NanaConnie said...

Oh, I do love that Mocca has her own spot in the craft room. Vicki. I absolutely think you should leave that area open for her and not put anything there. :-D
I am also dying to know how the flat paper trays are attached to the wall. Where did you find the trays? It looks like you found 8 1/2 X 11 and 12 X 12 tray sizes. I have a wall that's just begging to hold paper trays like that. Hugs.

CraftyGirl said...

WoW! Vicki I just love your craft space. I am with NC I think Mocca needs her own craft area under that shelf. Love the closet and paper shelves.



Beth said...

GF welcome back and your craft space is fabulous I wish just once I could get mine organized.

julieprice3 said...

Wow, your craft room looks awesome, lucky girl. Have a wonderful day Hugs Julie P

Shelly Schmidt said...

Welcome back- was wondering where you were! So, did you move to a new town? LOVE how organized your crafting space is- love the paper storage on the wall- so cool! Oh- and love that you left a niche for your dog : ) Looking forward to seeing you in blogland again!

Lady Bug Stampers said...

Wow Vicky welcome back and I love your crafting space I wish I had this much room. but I do make do with what I have so it is ok. Better a little space then none.
Linda K A
B Team Tuesday Throwdown

Céline said...

wow, Lucky you !!! i'm waiting my new craftroom too :)

Patti J said...

You are one very VERY lucky lady! A dedicated room, all put together by a handsome man! Gotta love it - he's definitely a keeper! LOVE your room, my friend!!!

Stef H said...

OMG! i was just thinking about you yesterday!!!! wow! i love your new room. love the paper holders!!! i am in the process of redecorating. took my house off the market and decided i love it to much to move. getting painting done. holy crap. i've got aches and pains in places i didn't know i had!!! then my AC shot craps and had to get a new one; skylights leaking so getting rid of those. talk about POOR HOUSE???? otherwise all else is good. as always.... SOOOOO GLAD YOU'RE BACK!!!!

big hugs :)

oh, i have a new grandson (1st boy)... liam. he's now 5-1/2 months and gorgeous... tho a bit on the cranky side!

Patricia St Martin said...

OMGoodness I just love your room. I have been working on my room for months but I do not have all the new white furniture, I have a mix of furniture and everything is in it place and I know where it all is. I can't work in a messy room it makes my mind messy. I love Mocca she is adorable, my cats would be under their. That a perfect spot.
Hugs, Pat

kReN said...

What a beautiful crafting room! You must have packed very efficiently, that's for sure. Can I rent your hubby?

Your Tuesday Throwdown Teamie
and your newest follower!

nwilliams6 said...

Vicki! Welcome back! Looks so great in that craft room - some really great ideas and fun stuff! I really, really drooled over your paper storage system and your closet is wonderful. The cutest/best thing to me was your little space for your adorable dog. I will remember that picture every time I visit or see your smiling face on my blog. Missed ya! Hugz!

Lynda Nielsen said...

hurray Vicki... Welcome back to blogland, and crafting... Wow you have had a lot of work to do. I'm so glad that you're getting back to what you love to do..
Big Hugs my Friend,
Lynda =)

Sue from Oregon said...

ooh I am green eyed with crafty envy at all your wonderful organization!!

Jacqueline said...

Wow! That looks incredible! Welkome back at the TT-team.
Hugs Jacqueline (TT-DT-fellow)

Regina said...

hello my friend,
glad to hear that your move is done. A lot of work you had to do and your new craftroom is an eye catcher!
Enjoy your new home!
Please, send me your new adress.

sending big hugs

Becky said...

Good to hear from you Vicki.. I am so jealous of your gorgeous craftroom. It looks awesome.

Shirley said...

Okay, so let me just say your craft room looks very familiar and I have not just moved!!! ;-) I need to take some of your organizing techniques to heart!!

Shirley said...

Forgot to tell you I am glad your move was safe and wonderful for you and family!!

JD/ Jill said...

I came back to your blog, because I wanted to thank you for the nice comments you gave me on my blog.
I missed this post on my last visit...It was so nice to see your wonderful (very organized) craft room. Brought back memories for me from two years ago. No, I didn't move but we gave my craft room a big update. Replaced drafty 60 yr old windows...Put down a new hard wood floor, and repainted the whole room...so, of course, that meant I had to take everything out of the room. I did a lot of purging because I was determined that I didn't want it to get as bad as it had been before. I have a pic on my blog when my craft room was completed. It's look so nice and neat (I feel like a cheater) because it doesn't quite look that way today, Only two years later... Slowly things somehow creeped back in again...
You have given me some great ideas for some organization that might help me get it back to that "neat looking" state again...LOL
Thanks for sharing.

JD/ Jill said...

Whoops, I forgot to mention...that I love your little craft companion...so adorable!

Joan Ervin said...

Oh my, what a fabulous crafting space....I love the idea of removing the closet doors and what an awesome display for your paper...gotta look into one of those!!! Glad to see you back, Vicki!!!

Lisa S. said...

WOW what a fantastic room to create in!!! Love your paper storage idea and the way your crafty closet is organized. Hope you enjoy every minute spent in here! :)

Sylvia Anderson said...

Wow... This is amazing..... Happy crafting xxx

Dr Sonia S V said...

WOW what a dream place you have Vicki ...Especially love the way you store the 12 x 12 stacks and your precious Mocca
Dr Sonia
Cards Crafts Kids Projects

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