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Monday, May 12, 2014

Popping In For a Mother's Day Hello!

Hello friends!  I hope all of you mothers out there had a fantastic Mother's Day yesterday!
I enjoyed spending some time with my family and happily enjoyed some time outdoors too!

Although I have EVERYTHING packed up in boxes from my stamp room....I cleverly placed some items in plastic totes so that I can easily get in and out of it if I really needed to! :)
So for having my crafty items packed up and trying to make a Mother's Day card for my mom was challenging, but I managed to come up with a little something for her....
I think this image from Elisabeth Bell (Lots of Love) is just so sweet!
Everything on my card was printed out from my computer and luckily I had a paper cutter within reach from one of my stamp/craft bags that I use when I want to take things "on the go".
I also had my Copic Markers packaged up in a clear plastic tote so that I could color in this image and I had another plastic tote that I wrote "adhesive/glue" on the top and was able to find it all in my massive pile of boxed craft stuff waiting to be moved! :)

Of course the sentiment was printed and I cut it out and made it into a small banner with a regular pair of scissors I had laying around...NOT my craft scissors! LOL!  Don't know where those are at, at this moment!!  I also didn't have my "normal" photo light and photo booth, so I had to take several different shots of this with and without the flash to see what would look best and I think this is more true to what the card looks like IRL (in real life).  Excuse my counter and the boxes piled in the background!

It certainly won't be long now!  Next time I am able to get onto a computer to post anything, it will be from my new house!  We are ready to go and can't wait to get there!  As you can see...I am anxious to put away my craft stuff and play in my new studio!! :)

Thanks for taking the time to drop in and I hope to be up and running again very soon!


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